Ayiana Viviana

Art. Life. Self Discovery.

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Creative Exploration

Creativity is imbedded into the core of who I am. For as long I can remember, I’ve felt the need for creative expression. For a large portion of my life, it has been words that helped me express myself artistically. In another season, I explored photography and the things my eyes were drawn to. In this season, I am diving deep into visual arts and enjoying the process of what it is helping me uncover about myself.

Artist Bio

Ayiana Viviana Porter (b. 1984) is a Philadelphia based emerging abstract artist whose work focuses on the exploration of thoughts, emotion and humanity. Most of her work begins with free-form lines which interconnect and allow room and space to dig deeper into the psyche as she explores personal storytelling in her pieces. Her art strongly encourages the observer to identify and perhaps unearth their own deep seeded thoughts and emotions.

Ayiana’s works consists primarily of  acrylic based paintings and drawings on canvas or heavy weight acrylic paper. Her work is an overarching quest to find significance and meaning in the chaos of life and give personal significance to what we see and experience around us. Ayiana is also an avid writer and a photography enthusiast.