Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ayiana Viviana
  • Date: December 17th, 2022
  • Skills: Mixed Media on Canvas

This abstract piece is meant to be obvious enough to be recognized as feminine while maintaining an air of mystery about it. It is an homage to the both the women we know and those we don’t. A celebration of how the pieces of a woman’s being come together to make beautiful things.

This piece honors my mother who had to find creative and innovative ways to care and provide for her 6 children on an income that wouldn’t have been enough for 4. She sewed our clothes and created art with minimal supplies and resources.

It honors my older sister who taught me so much about femininity and embodied it in the most beautiful ways for me growing up. My love of fashion and shoes comes from her.

It also honors my younger sisters who are all so beautiful, vibrant and uniquely different.

This piece honors my grandmother who was a source of tender and affectionate love for me when I needed it most.

This piece honors my daughters and the beauty I already see so strong in them as well as that which has not yet been uncovered or discovered.

This piece is for all of my female friends who bring diverse culture, ideas, and conversations to unto my life.

This piece honors the woman who is a stranger to me. The one I see walking down the street, head held high because she has an inner knowing of who she is and who she was created to be.

It also honors the woman who is broken and afraid because even when her current circumstances don’t dictate it, I see the bright light of hope for her life and future.

This one is for every woman.

“Every Woman”

16 x 20 inches

Acrylic paint and ink on stretched canvas.