Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ayiana Viviana
  • Date: September 18th, 2022
  • Skills: Mixed Media on Canvas

“The Unveiling” was taped from beginning to end. The tape is what created the borders but I had no idea what the piece would look like upon completion. As I worked on it, the name of the piece came to mind. I let my mind dwell on the uncertainties of the finality of it and found myself growing impatient with the process, wanting to be able to see the end result NOW. It led me to ponder how often we rush through life wanting to get to a particular destination or milestone.

Think about it. When we’re children, we want to be adults so that no one can tell us what to do. When we become adults, we rush through life trying to reach certain milestones or goals that society tells us we should have achieved by this and that age. It’s a constant rush of reaching the next level. This piece, its name and what it produced in my emotional space was a reminder that all things have their season. The cyclical shae of the flowers on the long rectangular borders attest to these seasons. The lines found in each corner, an abstract pile of wood, are a reminder that while we are alive, our lives are under construction. It is not until our last breath departs from our bodies that we can see the final big picture. Why do we live our lives rushing through each day? In the center as well as on the rectangular borders, we see dots which represent the days of our lives; each one counted, measured and numbered. Some big, some small. But both represent the totality and finality of our days on earth. There are also oval shapes on the borders, housing smaller ovals that resemble vases holding flowers. This is a symbolization of the importance of stopping to smell the flowers, giving others their flowers while they are still able to receive them, and also a symbol of how frail and short life is.

Finally, a cool thing about this piece is that no matter how you turn it, the edges and borders mirror their parallel partner; a subtle reminder to remain even keeled and balanced.


“The Unveiling”

16 x 20 inches

Acrylic paint and ink on stretched canvas.