Portfolio Information

  • Created by: Ayiana Viviana
  • Date: November 6th, 2022
  • Skills: Mixed Media on Paper Bag

“The ‘Lady’ With the Glasses” was a playful study blending line art and storytelling. Funny enough, when I made the doodle, I challenged myself to attempt an abstract line art doodle that resembled a skateboard, but when I finished, I saw the rat and she won. Immediately, I thought of a way I could use this image to tell a story worth telling. What came to mind was a story of a rat who was only seen and acknowledged as something not grotesque when she wore “special” glasses. When she wore them, her vision wasn’t changed but how others perceived her was. She was seen as a “lady.” She was loved and she was highly respected. But the glasses didn’t fit her well. They made her uncomfortable and all day, she struggled with them, because of how heavy they were. Yet, day after day, she wore them. The acceptance and love they garnered her was something she desperately wanted. One day, her rat tribe convinced her to take them off and experience life without them. “Just for the day,” they said. She obliged and it was the best day she had had in a long time. The next morning when she instinctively reached for the glasses, she decided to toss them instead of wear them. A simple but significant story of trying to be something we’re not. A story of how important it is to find a tribe of people who love and accept us just as we are.


“The ‘Lady’ With the Glasses”

Art Study